Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers is a well known name among the people of America as a magnificent singer as well as a fantastic actor and a stylish cow boy. He was considered as the most marketed as well as produced personality of his time. He comes on the silver screen with his beautiful wife Dale Evans along with golden palomino horse, trigger and his German shepherd dog named as bullet in most of his movies. He has done more than hundred movies before moving to radio and television with his super hit show “The Roy Rogers Show”. People around the world want to know more about this magnificent singer cum actor especially about his life. We are going to flash out light on some of the vital parts of his life.

Earlier life

Roy Rogers was born on 5th November 1911 to Andrew and Mattie Slye in Cincinnati in Ohio. They named their son Leonard Franklin Slye. At the age of seventeen years when he was in high school he decided to help his family financially for that reason he left his school and joined a shoe factory with his father and started going to a night school but unfortunately he have to leave the school as he was humiliated for falling asleep in the class. After going through al lot financial difficulties one day he told his father about that he want to make his career in music. With the permission and blessing of his father he went to Los Angeles and sought after musical appointments as the “Slye Brothers” with his cousin.

Marital Life

In May 1933 Roy Rogers anticipated Lucille whom he met on a tour via radio and got married. While on the tour with the “O –Ban –o Cowboy’s” in June 1933 he met another girl named as Grace Arline Wilkins at a radio station in Roswell New Mexico. After a two years courtship Lucille and Roy got divorced because she started feeling jealous and exhausted of being his wife. After the divorce Roy got married to Grace Arline Wilkins on 11th June 1936. In 1941 they adopted a girl named as Cheryl Darlene and after two years they have their own daughter whom they named as Linda Lou. In 1946 Arline gave birth to a boy Roy Jr. Dusty. After going through some birth complications Arline died On November 3rd. While working a movie Rogers met Dale Evans in 1944 and got married and remained with her till his last breath.


Roy moved to California to become a singer there he formed a cowboy music group “The Sons of the Pioneers” in 1934 with Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer. “Cool water” and “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” are the songs considered as the first big hits of the group. In the earlier stage he played various supporting roles in the movies till 1938 when he got his first break in “Under Western Stars” as the main lead and a new name Roy Rogers when Autry walked out of his contract provisionally after that Roy never looked behind. A new star has started shinning on the sky of silver screen. Son of Paleface, Melody time, Dark command, My Pal Trigger are some of his great movies. He became a craze among the people of every age. He had done more than hundreds of movies. In 1942 he moved to radio with his show “The Roy Rogers Show” which got tremendous success and ruled the charts for about nine consecutive years. After that this show moved to television and repeated the success story from the year 1951 to 1957.

Famous Songs

Roy had a long list of famous songs among which Happy trails, Walkin’ Blues, The last round up, Jingle Bells, A four legged friend, Pecos Bill, Home on Rang, Git Along little Dogies are considered as the finest work of him.


The great singer, the fabulous actor and a very stylish cowboy Roy Roger died on 7th July in the year 1998 because of a congestive heart failure and he was buried at the sunset hill cemetery. He left behind his a huge list of great as well as memorable songs and movies for his friends and followers.

 A great Cowboy with a Melodious Voice