Patsy Cline

A short Biography of Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline is a very well known name in the world of country music. She was one of the most admirable American female country singers. She is considered as a pioneer of the country music. Cline is one of the most significant, flourishing, as well as highly praised female vocalists of the previous century. People remember her as a singer who had a very affluent tendency of voice. She had a magnificent command over the emotional expression, while singing any emotional song. She had an powerful contralto tone.

Through the years people admire or appreciate her works, but they don’t know their favourite singer properly. They wish they could belong to that era to know Patsy perfectly. We will try to reflect different aspects of Patsy Cline.

Earlier Life

Patsy Cline was born on 8th September 1932, in Winchester in Virginian State of the United States of America as the first child to Hilda Patterson Hensley and Sam Hensley. Her parents named her as Virginia Patterson Hensley. She had one brother Samuel and a sister Sylvia. She had gone through a lot in her early life and saw various ups and downs in her life as when she was just eight years old her father desolate the family.

But she never felt any kind of regret towards her life even when she was admitted to hospital with a throat infection along with rheumatic fever. She gives all the credit to this illness for giving her the beautiful voice. As she always mention that after that illness she got her marvellous voice. At the vary age of only thirteen years she started working for which she have to leave her high school.  She tried various jobs from a soda jerk to the waitress just to support her family.

First Break

While trying her best to support her family she watched various singers performing. This was the time when she asked the disk jockey and the talent co-ordinator of her local radio for singing in their show. This was her first performance on the radio in the year 1947. After that people started liking her voice and she asked for doing programmes on the local radio and she became famous in and around Winchester. In the year 1954 a famous country singer of that time Jimmy Dean came to know about her and made her his co -singer.

Married Life

She got married for two times. Firstly she got married to a contractor Gerald Cline on 19th September 1953. After four years of marriage they got divorced because of the difference between their view and age as Patsy Cline wanted to carry out singing professionally and her husband wanted her to be a dedicated housewife.

Secondly she got married to Charlie Dick On 15th September 1957 and had two children; Julie and Randy Dick.


Four star records was her first label for which she gave up her voice from the year 1955 to 1960.  After that she joined Decca Records from the year 1960 till her last breath. ‘A church, a court room and good bye’ were her first record under the label of four star records.

Fighting Spirit

She was a born fighter it was implicated when she met with an accident in the year 1961 and in the hospital she asks to treat another car’s driver before her. She was badly injured and she fight with all these injuries back in action after few months and started entertaining people again with the same elegance and passion.

According to their friends and family she has an intuition of getting a long illness or something from which she can’t survive for long time. From that vary time she started donating her things to friends and family and made her will. 5th march 1963 was the day when she met with a deadly air crash at 6.20pm which snatched this very popular as well as talented singer from this world only at the age of thirty years. She was buried at her home town Winchester as per her wish and a memorial was build up their in her memory.