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                   The Cowboy’s Sweetheart

Nowadays, people will think about Taylor Swift as the sweetheart of country music and she has great success in the world’s music industry with some Grammy achievements. Previously, there is Shania Twain who becomes the queen of country music. However, in the history of country music industry, there is no question that there was a name of the first female performer in country music who were successful with the single which is sold in million amounts. The single is called “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” and she really became the sweetheart of the cowboy. Yes, she was Patsy Montana. She was not only the American singer for country music but she was also songwriter. She was born as Ruby Rose Blevins in Beaudry, Arkansas October 30, 1908 but of course she was more popular with her stage name. People will find her name in the list of Country Music Hall of Fame.

Besides her achievement in the country music, there is no doubt that people wanted to learn more about the life of Patsy Montana and they will imagine that her life will not be far away from the country environment and music. It is correct actually because she was born in Arkansas and she spent her growing up time near Hope. She has ten brothers actually although two of them died young because of the accidental fire. She became the students of University of the West in California with violin major in 1929. She also tried to join kind of local talent contest which made her have to sing, yodel, and play guitar. From this contest, we won the first prize and also great opportunity to play on the radio program called Hollywood Breakfast Club. Summer 1933 brought great change to her life when she went to Chicago World’s Fair when she met the producer of crooner’s role where she tried to audition. The meeting with this producer made her became member of Prairie Ramblers which became the regular performer on National Barn Dance program.

The records of Patsy Montana included the “Montana Plains” which is a rework song with original title “Texas Plains”. “I Want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” which was released in 1935 made her became the very first female artist who sold more than million single. She continued her performance on National Barn Dance and stopped in the 1950s. She had the opportunities to work with many great names including the Girls of the Golden West, George Gobel, Red Foley, Pat Buttram, and also Gene Autry.

The name Patsy Montana which became her stage name was taken from Monte Montana who was the star in silent film as well as the roper with world champion. Patsy Montana had the opportunity to work with Monte Montana in her early career. From the Barn Dance, Patsy also met Pail Rose who became her future husband. The marriage which was held on July 3 has two daughters, Beverly and Judy. Patsy Montana and her daughters performed as the Patsy Montana Trio. She became great influence for many country singers who appear later.

Patsy Montana