Kitty Wells

Know About Kitty Wells

She is the lady, who was sixth most successful female vocalist in the history of Billboard's country chart, original name was Ellen Muriel Deason but known in industry as The Queen of County Music. Kitty Wells was born in 30th of August 1919 and just before 11 days of her 74th Wedding Anniversary she Died 16th July 2012 due to Stroke.


She was born in the Music family as her Brother and Father were musicians and her mother was Gospel singer. Kitty had learned to play guitar from her father in age of 14. She started performing with Deason Sisters (with her sisters and Deason was part of her mother’s name) on local early morning radio station by 1936 and in age of 18 (1937) she married Johnny Wright; their first joint Album was released in 1968 named as we’ll stick together. The Music Family had her first child (daughter) in 1939 named her as Ruby, they total had three children two of them were daughters (Ruby and Carol Sue) and one son (Bobby). The family had its peak Celeb Family Moment when they celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary in 2007, Now of this precious family only two of the wrights Remain Carol Sue and Bobby. Kitty Wells have 8 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and 5 great-great grandchildren!

Famous Songs sung by Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells had sung many songs which were awesome hits such as her songs “it wasn’t God who made Honky Tonk angels” and “Heartbreak U.S.A had topped the US county Charts in 1952 & 1961 respectively, “making believe” was second on US County Charts in 1955, Searching (for someone like you) and “I can’t stop loving you” were ranked as third on US county Charts. She was true inspiration of early female singers. She was Hall of Famed on 1976 and on 1993 she was awarded Music City news’s Living Legend Award.

Professional Life of Kitty Wells

She first signed with RCA victor but her fame was from song under label of Decca, she signed a lifetime contract with Decca but then Released several Album with other records, in 1973 “Yours truly” by MCA, in 1975 with Capricorn Records named as “Forever Young”, in 1979 named as Hall of Fame Vol.1 by Rubocca records. The number of Studio albums by Queen of County Music are 36, Compilation Albums are 11 in number and one box set, total singles she sang are 90 in number, two video albums and 19 B-sides!

Kitty Wells was truly a queen and her loss is felt by everyone, but living at the age of 92 is not something common.