Hank Williams

One of the most popular

country music performers

Hank Williams was born in Mount Olive in Alabama on 17th September in the year 1923 as Hiram King Williams. He is regarded as one of the most important country music artists. Having recorded more than 35 singles and having songs like “Your Cheatin’ Heart”, “I’ll never get out of this world alive” and a lot others to his name, made him one of the most popular American singers.

When Hank Williams had moved to Georgina, he met a black street performer. This black street performer was Rufus Payne who had given him guitar lessons in exchange for food or money and whose influence could be seen in Williams’ musical style. Later, Williams decided to change his name to Hank as it seemed a more suitable name for countryside music.

The beginning of his career

The beginning of Hank’s career was in 1937 when he was hired by WSFA radio to host a 15minute show by the station producers. At this time, he was just 13 years old. Is first hit came with “Move it on over” in 1948 and his second success was the release of “Honky Tonkin”. Later he formed the backup of the Drifting Cowboys band but Due to World War II, he lost many of his band members and this loss led him to heavy drinking.

Rising to fame

This caused problems with his wife and work but able to revive from the blow, Hanks became a regular performer at “Louisiana Hayride”, a Saturday night performance hosted by a Shreveport Radio Station. This made is popularity rise but he still fell short of that one hit which would make him lead the music carts. This dream of his fulfilled with the release of “Lovesick Blues”.

Being a small town guy, this kind of stardom which put money in his pocket as well fame to his name would have been unimaginable otherwise. H continued is life with many more hits and also wrote some religious songs under the pseudo name of Luke the Drifter. He had a son who was named Williams Hanks Jr.

His legacy

The governor of Alabama celebrated the success of Hanks by proclaiming September 21 as “Hank Williams Day” officially. He had 11 number one hits in his career. When a magazine made a survey the year he died, Hanks was voted the most popular singer and performer in of all time. In 2011 his “Lovesick Blues” was included in the Recording Academy Grammy Hall of Fame.