Gene Autry

Orvon Grover Auntry who is commonly referred to as Gene Autry was born on 29th September, 1907 and passed away on 2nd October, 1990.

He is one of the highly famous American musicians for being singing cowboy. Gene Auntry hit several social Medias around 1930s.  He also gained much fame because he owned many radio as well as television stations in the southern part of California. Some of his stations were located in California, Los Angeles, just to mention a few.

Films that Gene Auntry featured in

Gene Auntry featured in 91 episodes as well as 93 films from 1934-1953. A good example is Gene Auntry Show. Also, he incarnated straight-shooting hero for example, true, honest and brave. This was between 1930s and 1940s. These television series inspired many Americans.

Also, Gene Auntry is well known for his country music.  He is one the second influential celebrity or figure after Jimmie Rodgers. The Auntry’s singing cowboy moves or techniques are considered as the tools for attracting more audience to country music.

Songs Gene Auntry Sang

Gene Auntry sang several songs. The most common one is ‘Black in Saddle Again.’ He is also remembered for the numerous Christmas holiday songs he released. Some of his hits are ‘Frosty the Snowman’ as well as ‘Here Santa Claus.’ Another hit that gained much popularity was ‘Rudolph Red-Nosed Reindeer.’

Gene Auntry’s singing career

Initially, Auntry worked as telegrapher. To pass time, he would play guitar or sing.  One of his customers by the name of Will Rogers exhorted him to take singing as a profession. Will Rogers was impressed on how Auntry sang. He was first made a contract with Victor Records. He gained much experience by singing on several radios. For instance, he sang on Tulsa’s radio around 1928. He first released ‘Dreaming of You’ with Hawaiian guitars.

In 1929, he entered a contract with Columbia Records. He hosted several shows for example, National Barn Dance. This enables him to meet several song-writers for example, Smiley Burnette. He also recorded several labor songs such as ‘Death of Mother Jones.’ This was around 1931. He also owned Challenge Records which produced many of his songs. He made a total of 640 recordings as well as 300 plus written songs in his singing career. He sold million of his copies.