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Emmylou Harris and Her Honors

Every people are familiar with country music that enjoyable to listen. Country music has a lot of variations in its music. Some country stars have been known by every people who like listening country music. The legendary genre of music in the world also enjoyed to listen in a particular time although the listener is not a country music's lover. One of country singers that have been succeeded at the moment is Emmylou Harris. Do you know who Emmylou Harris is?

Emmylou Harris was a country star who was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 2, 1947. She was born in military family; her father was a military officer. Same as her father, her mother was also in a military career. She became a legend of country music because of her achievements in her glory moment. She has been reached a lot of honors since she has been work in musical area. By using her creativity, she has been created several masterpieces and memorable all of the period.

Her debut in country music began at 1970 by releasing an album entitled “Gliding Bird”. A beautiful American lady also creates several great songs in this album. It makes her popularity increased from zero to hero. After this moment, she became a popular country singer and she joined with former bandleader of Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons. He needs to make a solo career and need a female vocalist and he choose Emmylou Harris as a partner for his debut. This moment happened on 1972 where Emmylou Harris continues her career after bankruptcy accident in her first album label. At 1975 she released her major album debut entitled “Pieces of The Sky” and released it into a solo album. Then, a year later she recorded a second album entitled “Elite Hotel” with the help of additional player in Hot Band. There are so many albums that have been released by Emmylou Harris during her career.

Based on her songs that have been released during her career, it was not impossible that she had reached a lot of proudly honors. By releasing “Elite Hotel” album, she reached the first honors as The Best Country Vocal Performance in a female category at Grammy Award. Three years later, she reached her second honors at Grammy Award in a same category and honor's title by releasing “Blue Kentucky Girl” album. A year later, she also reached a same honor's title from Grammy Award, but in a category of Duo or group musicians. At that time, she collaborated with Roy Orbison in “That Lovin' You Feelin' Again”. There are many more honors she reached at Grammy Award, such as Best Contemporary Folk Album, Best Country Collaboration with Vocals, Best Album of The Year, and Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Those are honors that she reached from Grammy Award, and there many more honors she reached from other. In a Country Music Association Awards, she reached three honors, they are; Female Vocalist of The Year (1980), Vocal Event of The Year (1988), and Album of The Year (2001).

Based on the honors that she reached during her career, she deserves a predicate as a legend of country star. It should be imitated by other musicians in the world.