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A country and rock styled American singer

Buck Owens, the famous country singer from Texas in America is known for his popular music through his singing, song writing and playing of guitar. He is greatly known for his rock and country style music. His original name was Avis Edgar Owens and he was professionally known by the name of Buck Owens. His life and music career is briefly discussed here.

Buck Owens’ early life

Born in the year 1929 on 12th of August at Sherman in Texas, Buck Owen was brought up in Arizona. When he was in his eighth grade, he dropped out of school and began working in some or the other jobs. He self-learned to play guitar in both acoustic and steel, because of his influence of country’s music.

Owens’ initial career in music world

In the year 1945, he and Theryl Ray Britten joined up to form a team and played music on local radio stations. During the latter half of the 1940s, Owens used to perform with the group Mac's Skillet Lickers in Phoenix. Later on in 1951, he played with Bill Woods & the Orange Blossom Playboys in California. After this, He created his own band called “The Schoolhouse Playboys”. He had some group music as well as many singles released like “Sweethearts in Heaven” and “Down on the Corner of Love”. Owen had failed to get an audience for music, but later on moved Washington where he tasted his success in this field.

Owens’ success

Owens’ first single commercial success came with "Second Fiddle”. Some more of his successes that were in top ten in charts were “Excuse Me”, “Above and Beyond”, “Under Your Spell Again” etc. His album named “Buck Owens” came up in 1961. Some of his hit music in the early 1960s were “You’re for me”, “Fooling Around”, “Kickin’ Our Hearts Around” etc. In 1963, he named his band “The Buckaroos”. The band’s “Act Naturally” positioned No. 1 in the charts and made more consecutive hits throughout the 1960s with “Sam’s Place”, “Open up Your Heart”, “Before You Go”, “My Heart Skips a Beat” and many more. In 1972, his “Streets of Bakersfield” made huge hit.

Owens’ immortal music

Owens is credited for creating the “Bakersfield Sound” that is rock as well as country style music. He took his last breath in 2006 on 25th of March in California. His immortal music is still alive in everyone’s heart.